Friday, October 30, 2009

choc cake to order


alhamdulillah, my home-biz starting to grow, the next order came in last night and was ready this evening. hey, u dont know im selling choc cakes, do u?yes, i just started, again, my past biz. actually, i wanted to begin it during last Ramadhan. but, many things to settle first. now, im ready to receive the order.

so, my small biz is considered as 'built-to-order'. order comes in, then i bake the cakes. i still remember the first ever order received from a friend of mine, Nor Zuhaidah Mohd Zain, in our school time. she actually asked me to bake her a choc cake. she said, my cake tasted good (hehe). but, at that time, i didnt promote it (still in school time). now, i think, i want to make it as 'side income', and, i do promote it (siap gantung banner kat depan rumah..hehe). if there is an order, alhamdulillah. for the time being, i just limit the order up to 2 cakes per day.

here, i wanna show some pics throughout the process of baking the cake. enjoy.

among other compulsory ingredients; flour,sugar,margerine,choc rice

mixed all the ingredients, put in the oven, and the result is,

top-left and right, before n after oven-ing
bottom, in the container

ready to hias with topping, and, here it is.

RM 12 it ok?

and, saki bakinya, i buat muffin..heheh..dpt lah 4 cups.

p/s: boys love it very much, me as well..hehe

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