Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dinner & Dinner... i come..

i love attending dinner (mostly).2 dinners have been attended last weekend. dinner PERSIDA (click here for last dinner) and dinner MoBAC (click here for last dinner).

the former one, for the first time, was held at the faculty with the theme 'riang ria raya'. i brought azami along. we went there too early (sbb dekat je ngan rumah).
4 round tables were prepared for VIP & lecturers. menu?have a look at pics below.

can u see it?actually the main dish was nasi beriani with dalca, ayam... tah ayam masak ape (macam ayam tandoori je..hehe), fried prawn, papadom, acar n daging kurma (i bet). the side dishes were lontong, sagu and fresh fruits. and the most awaited one, daging kambing bakar right on the spot. taste?so so la. but, kambing,..ada bau la. i went home early that night (azami ngantuk daaa).

the night after, i attended MoBac dinner, held at Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort. i liked the theme,'white garden'. very beautiful and putih bersih. most of them were 70% in white. me?kain je. ok la tu. ballroom and table arrangement were nice, but not for the stage (buruk beno stage nye). Menu?very very best and delicious. they had nasi putih with butter fried prawn, butter fried chicken, fried chicken berlada, sotong (macam sotong kicap je), salad, fruits, air laici n sirap. performance?interesting and attractive. so fun and cool. overall, well organized la. andd...i got lucky draw gift to be brought back..hehehe..
p/s: thanks a lot to my abe, for letting me to the dinner and to all.

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