Tuesday, October 20, 2009

july09 - nov09 ~ the journey adjourned

alhamdulillah, semester almost finish (click here for the related entry). just 2 meetings left. the most important times; the beginning and the ending. the former as in which what are going to be covered and the assessment are explained. while, the latter in which what are expected to come out will be hinted. rugilah bagi mereka yang 'missed' these 2 sessions. 14 weeks are almost done. only the presentations will be last this final week. then, final will come to the pic.

since working here, i feel time flies very fast. yes, it did. 2 sems per year. pejam celik pejam celik, habih 1 sem. perhaps because in my situation, there are a lot of things to do. yaa..definitelty. and my duty requires me to do things within the specific times. dont even realize that my kids have grown-up and im getting old. but not for those who have nothing to do, maybe the time doesnt matter for them. 1 day is like..longer than that instead. especially when we are waiting for smthing.

oppsss..come back to the entry title. actually, the 14 weeks are for learning, gain as many knowledge as u can, for ur own good. maybe students out there, u are not serious about that, as long as u pass the exam. once the exams done, ur notes, materials, books, even ur knowledge also gone. yaa..ada yg jual buku text kpd junior plak..hey, tk sayang ke buku tu? u might need them later u know. im still keeping my degree's materials (tersusun dlm almari lagi). even my schools' exercise books. and im using it now as references. u never know.

ok. stay cool. next journey will continue next sem. permudahkanlah urusan kami ya Allah.

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