Sunday, October 11, 2009


it's a tiring 3-day program, yet very very enjoyable.

PKA is the compulsory university program to be held by all faculties, every semester, purposely to 'special selected students'.

it was the 2nd time for me organizing this program (click here for the 1st time). better. longer. and merrier. yet, kelam kabut ckit.

when: 9 - 11 oct 09 (3 days 2 nights)
where: still, Nur Lembah Lenggong
activities: night walk, treasure hunt, games, ceramah & LDK (for sure), presentation ...

i went to and from there on my own. the pics above n below were taken w/out me...huhuhu

posing after..
i dont like LDK the most.heehhe..sigh, what to's a must activity in such program.redha je lah guys. but, sincerely, it was not as boring as i thought, it was very very interesting n attractive instead, conducted by the 'imported' expertist.heheeh..en Md Lehan. pendek kata, tak kering gusi dok gelak.

ragam dlm LDK
pics below were taken during the best slots among the bests; outdoor games, night walk and..the best ever session in courses, programmes and such..yeee, makan2....
games held..aduhh, sakit perut gelak.
sebelum masuk hutan, jalan-jalan

dewan makan
best parts:
~ night walk
~ outdoor activities
~ foods (paling best, hehe)
~ indoor? (also best)
~ pendek kata..sumer best lah..eheheh

special thanks:
~ en. Md Lehan, our special penceramah
~ tuan hj hatta, the Ketua Koordinator
~ tuan hj azman, the KP
~ all committees, especially my ajk-mate; nabilah
~ all 5 pembantu fasi
~ all students, especially mohammad 'ammar saharuddin, my mentee

p/s: dear students, i dont want to see u again in the next PKA. keep ur promises..

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