Sunday, October 11, 2009

raya gathering @ faculty

my next 'open house', at my own faculty. led by pn naimah yahya, the one who was busy went there and here, phoned those n them, did this and that, just to make sure the event will run smoothly as planned.and yes, we did.alhamdulillah..all went good.

menus and pot lucks:
~ mee kari n drink (sponsored by faculty)
~ laksa (my favorite, best)
~ sate n nasi himpit, lemang n rendang (to create the raya feel)
~ rendang n lemang (mcm2 rendang ada;... minang, bienda)
~ pecal jawa
~ cakes, popia,
~ fruits (national n international...hehe)
~ puding/agar2? (tkde pulok yg nk bwk kali ni)

we have less meals compared to last year raya, but we served more makanan berat this time. me myself, i brought my self-baked chocolate cakes.

thanks to all guests for coming. u've made our day. and thanks to all my colleagues for the potlucks.
still in open house mood (open office instead). PEWANI; also organized jamuan raya to all pewani members. this is the chance for all pewani members to meet and know each other (even working under the same roof, but we dont know each other). so, this is a good opportunity. leh le kenal staff2 wanita, sape pengerusi nya, sape ajk nya. thanks to all organizing committees and thanks for the meals. next year buat le lagi..hehe.

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