Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poor son

regret, sad, and obviously, GUILTY. all of them are haunting me till now.
im sorry my son. i wont do that again next time and forever.
i forgot to pick him up from the school, letting him waiting for me for 2 hours. just imagine..luckily that the teacher accompanied him till i was around. the school actually finished at 11.30am but i just picked him up at 1.30pm. i was attending a course on that day. that made me so 'layan' with the talk and so 'ralit' with the foods being served. if im in class, this incident wont be happened since, tau-tau le kalau kat kelas, always want to finish early. but, i was so proud of him that he didnt cry or mad at me as nothinghappened. but i bet, he might feel that he had waited me for such a longer time than before.
this incident really made me realized that i love my kids very very much n will love them forever n ever. i was being touched when i looked at his exercise book. he have already finished colouring the pictures which supposed to be the homework and also many other 'conteng2' things. that made me cried on the spot-touching-.i hugged him with my tears unstoppable running. and said 'im sorry. i'll never do this again next time'. he just looked at me and nodded. son..i really really love u so much.

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