Monday, April 12, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Putrajaya

we had a visit from ma n we last weekend. on their journey to visit their beloved daughters who are staying away from kampung. the visits began with my place for 3 days. then we went to nini's house for a night, ended with diknor. actually, the main purpose of this jalan2 was to perform solat hajat together as diknor has newly been transfered to putrajaya to stay with his hubby.

what happened?

at my place
since ma n we were here on wednesday evening, working day, we went no where except just relax2 kat rumah until friday evening. boring giler ma n we.hehe

at nini's place
we reached there on friday evening and we had fun time together the day after at bowling centre (main bowling lagi. asal g rumah nini, main bowling, asal main bowling, g rumah nini.hehe), bukan ape, to expose we for the very first time playing bowling.

diknor's place
on the way to putrajaya, we stopped at masjid wilayah to have a look at the famous mosque, the mosque that had been chosen to create history for many activities such as nikah session (if im not mistaken) for siti nurhaliza, the recent-most-popular-artiste-award receiver, to be a wife to Datuk K and also other artists. even, there is specific dewan available to hold nikah ceremony. and you know, the reality programme, adik-adikku competition? also been held here as well.

in putrajaya, we stayed overnight at quarters, 12th level (kecut perut). at night, afizul brought us round2 putrajaya. we just passed by the masjid besi (tak dan amik gambar sebab waktu mlm, view mcm tk jelas). amik angin malam kat jambatan, (tp tak sempat nak singgah alamanda..heyy, i dh pergi sebelum ni tau).

suka pasar dia. feel like in kampung. macam2 barang2 kampung ada. and u know what. we bought RM 50 of 'kerangka ayam'.alaaa.yang macam jual kat pasar malam tu. ayam yg tkde isi. tp best untuk di ratah. byk pun..habih..haha. the price?i thought the price of vege n dry things is normal, like other places. but the wet ones especially fish is quite expensive. i like staying here because the surroundings is so clean and well-organized with big and tall buildings yet it is so leceh as we need to drive about 5-10 minutes only to buy a kg of sugar or a packet of salt.

anyway, seronok jalan2.hehe

it was a good time to gather with each other. next time, come and stay at my place. we ronda2 ipoh especially main air kat lost world of tambun (tu je lah yg best kat sini.hehe).ok?

p/s: norzu, sorry for not dropping by to your house. it's already late. perhaps next time, insyaAllah

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