Monday, December 27, 2010

makdeq luv pakdeq-to-be

it's been a month since my last posting. i've been cuti2 in kampung, beside no mood to type something as i'm gonna have a baby for the 3rd time. yes, i am. already 3 months. hope everything will be fine along the next 6 months journey. ok enough.

insyaAllah, next year, i'll be having a new brother-in-law. siti fatimah aka makdeq (7th from 8 in her family) already engaged early december with her ex-classmate, both are teachers. hantaran 7 berbalas 7;  


  • cincin,
  • buah, 
  • kain
  • kemeja, 
  • tuala, 
  • kek
  • laici 

  • cincin 
  • kek
  • pulut
  • kain 2 pasang
  • susu
  • tuala
menu on the day,
  • kerutuk ayam kampung,
  • dalca daging
  • kerabu pegaga
  • masak lemak ikan merah
  • tembikai
  • sambal
  • acar timun
alhamdulillah, all went good. SELAMAT BERTUNANG untuk kedua2nya. see yaa on nikah day.

 her side

p/s: apart from welcoming new-in-law, we also will welcome 2 babies to our family; me n ros. all in next year, 2011. insyaAllah

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