Tuesday, September 13, 2011

kakwe & damia

im back. again after a long long break, mc + confinement period almost 4 months. now im ready to be in my office (wonder what happen to it, hehe. miss my pc). tomorrow, i'll report my duty. last 2 days already be there to prepare lotsa things before entering the class tomorrow.

~ alhamdulillah, fine, happy, great n lost weight (hehe)
~ alhamdulillah got cuti bersalin 2 and half month 'only' (semester dh start dahhh)
~ ready to start duty
~ new course code to take over
~ busier day by day
~ welcoming, the girl in the family, Damia Amani (bless ambition)
~ cant wait to go home see her face..cayang mama bi

~ announcing, the arrival of Damia Amani to the world
~ alhamdulillah..cute girl like her umi la, hehe,
~ only 2 months, already know how to smile n laugh
~ a well-behaved child (so far), not disturbing our sleeptime
~ loved very much by her big bros, especially ilham
~ today is 2nd day at childcare, so far so good

p/s: back to working life

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