Monday, October 24, 2011

big bad wolf book fair & muzium negara

it's time to pleasure and jalan2 during weekend. saturday and sunday.


tagged n seen from fb that atheef ie. my nephew, got a few new books for his new collection. seemed interesting, we went to Maeps, Serdang just looking for this similar books for my kids at so called 'big bad wolf' bookfair. after round n round n round, finally we arrived there at 1 noon. after belek2, cari2, berebut2, celah mencelah n long queue, we got our own collection too (mostly kid's). crazy cheap sale. international books tu. rugi tk beli byk2. ilham was so excited as when he saw books of his favorite cartoon characters, he said "umi, nak buku ni". saw another, "nak yang ni mi", then "yang ni mi". suddenly, azami said, "takde buku bahasa melayu ke mi". hihihi.

exhausted, tired, yet kenyang (makan buah langsat masa nak cari adik ipar, Abdul Razak kat Ampang n dia belanja dinner, hehehe. thanks pakcu). we stayed overnight at nini's house. already dropped by diknor's house.


still early to go back ipoh. jom, muzium negara. finally, for the first time ever, all of us stepped in the national museum. tried looking what they have there. malaysia dulu, malaysia kini. also it has an exhibition on 'khazanah kapal karam'; still on till 1 January 2012. done historical part. nak tgk binatang plak. we went to zoo negara after that. makan buah langsat lagidok perhati jalan nk gi zoo, again we took wrong path. by thetime we arrived, it started to rain. cancelled trip to zoo. balik lah. ok, lets go back. alhamdulillah, be at home at 8 pm after taking wrong path for the third time while finding way out from kl. heheeh. exhausted, tired, i missed fantaghiro that night.

p/s: nak gi melaka plak

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