Thursday, March 18, 2010

ekspo selangkah 2010

SPM result just came out last week. consequently, we have successfully organized ekspo selangkah 2010 on 16 - 17 march 2010. the main objective was to give information as well as to promote uitm as the best university among the best to the potential candidates especially spm holders. this is the annual activity held by uitm all over malaysia. as to Perak, we targeted our potential 'customers' by opening kiosk/ booth in 5 places; bangunan gunasama persekutuan ipoh, dewan majlis perbandaran teluk intan, dewan merdeka manjung, dewan MPT kamunting, taiping dan dewan seri iskandar, uitm perak.this was my 2nd time taking part in this ekspo after 2008

we had fun explainining all information being asked by the crowd (tak menang mulut dibuatnya). starting from 8.30am, parents, spm-students, even diploma and degree holders, they all came by to get as much information as they could before finalising their decision in choosing the most suitable and interesting courses. the amount kept bigger and bigger as the day moved on till 5.00pm.

our children nowadays are very lucky as they are exposed to quite enough information to know what courses they are qualified to, what the courses are all about and which one they are interested in. back in my time 15 years ago, i just chose what i interested in and filled up the form without knowing (or knew just a little bit) what shall i learn in that course. with the rapid development of technology, we now can easily know what courses are we qualified to by keying- in the spm/ stpm results. the system will list all courses offered by univ. with the 'tick' for the qualified one and 'x' for the unqualified. thus, we just reject the cross one and get information for the tick one.

end of the 2nd day, we were very tired,exhausted, less energy, yet very much satisfied, happy, fun and proud for making the public clear about the courses offered by uitm. very much thanks and congrats to all petugas and ajks. glad to meet you all. till we meet again in the next ekspo.


my,my..careless mistake again. i left my watch for the 2nd time (read here for the 1st). i left it in the toilet when i was in the ekspo. 2 hours past, then i realized. rushing to the toilet with the hope it will still there, but it was not. so frustrated and worried. glad to see makcik cleaner then i asked her about the watch. she knew nothing. alamak..ayyaa..alahai..but she brought me to see the maintenance office. again, frustrated. with muka risau, sedih, frust giler, i keluar ofis, passed by the customer service counter. suddenly, aci guard asked me what i was looking for. i told her, my watch. then..she showed me one. OMG, thank you Allah. thank you very much. the watch still wanted to be with me. i couldnt say anything except thanking to her. someone gave to her, she said. regardless who she was, i thank you very very much. there is still good person in this world. sayang woo..jam tu ada sentimental value. a gift from my abe.

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