Monday, March 1, 2010

kursus asas fasilitator

it was the 2nd programme handled by us, AJK for this semester (read the1st task). alhamdulillah, it was better. all lent their hands including our director, preparing files, sweets, asam, clearing them afterwards. thanks a lot.

what it's all about?
ketua koordinator FPTP, as the penceramah for the whole one-day course, gave us tips2  how to be a good fasilitator, besides our stated tugas hakiki. the criteria, the personality of the fasi, how to tackle students, how to control the situation and feeling, how to deal with different style of students, be nice but still being respected, and many many more tips. in short, our job is not just the matter of finishing the syllabus, it's beyond that. we have to be a facilitator as well, help students to build their inner strength so that they truly know what they are doing right now, how and why.

enough, till next course.

p/s: thanks to all committees, pengarah kampus, and penceramah.

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