Monday, February 22, 2010

CNY @ kampung

Chinese new year has past last week. Me also got 1 week mid-sem break. We took this opportunity to go back to kampung since our last holiday in december 09. One n a half months, quite a long period for me not to face my parents, siblings, in-laws (n relatives), even in 2 weeks time has considered ‘lamanyaa lah weii’. I was glad to meet my youngest sis, dik nor, chit-chat, laugh, story, n even cried’s been quite a long time since our last meeting. Almaklumlah, masing2 keje. She always on-call. Miss that time so much. and i do miss my times together with my siblings masa zaman dulu2, very much. Abe li, abe le, kak yah, they have their own families, bz with their works, so do i. Masa cuti ni lah berpeluang nk berjumpa dgn semua. Too sad, nini couldnt make it. Anyway..lets story-telling through phone, ok nini.

In kampung, dik nor n i treated kfc to all (kfc lagi). Lupa plak nk amik gambar. Bz layan karenah budak2.hehe. we always plan to makan2 when we are it kampung, so that we can sit together at one time. Sometimes, nini paid, then me, dik nor, kak yah, or we shared among us. We have kfc time, pizza (home-made), bbq, sate and brthday bash. Here some pics of the sweet times, held somewhere in december last year.

sempena solat hajat kak yah bukak kedai


i got good news in kampung. finally, i’ll be getting new in-law (long awaited). On my side, i had welcomed my last in-law somewhere in jun 09 (read my posting). On my abe side, we were the last couple entertained. 6 years have been waiting for another wedding event. this time, we shall have one, his brother, no 5 in his family. merisik session? done last week. tie the knot?planned during march's school break and wedding? jun's school break. insyaAllah. cant wait. i love going 'belaghok (kelantan word)', which means reception la (hantar pengantin, sambut menantu). if it's meant to be, we'll build another silaturrahim with people in trengganu. till next posting.

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