Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Mother's Day ~ 9 MAY


All mommies, not to forget, moms-to-be, this day is special for you ~ 9 May.

for me, hari ibu is celebrated to acknowledge, to give honour to our beloved mother as they are the best person in the world, the one and only person who is willing to sacrifice everything to the ones she loves, who cannot be replaced with anyone else except herself. as saying, wife can be changed but not a mother. Yes, it is. you guys can choose whoever you prefer to be your life-partner, as many times you like (limit 4 only), but your mother, she's the only one you have in the world with that title, your blood-mother. having this special day every year, at least, we remember that we have a mother to be appreciated to and free ourselves to be with her if we could, or at least calling2 tanya khabar. yes, it should be everyday that we should remember her, show to her that we care. but, with this very special day once a year, those who claimed that they are very busy, please, show your caring and love on this day.  

i wonder how come we heard such bad news of bayi di temui dalam tong sampah, bayi ditinggalkan di atas tangga. is there no feeling of love anymore?or it's more on feeling of aku belum kawin, macamana dh ada anak. to make it easy, just leave the baby when no one is around. ada yg siap tulis nota lg. just remember, what this baby could ask/do in another world after this?

Child is a give from Allah. Those who are so eager to have them, even a child is ok enough, tak dapat pulak. those who are given them, tak nak pulak, or they just ignore them as if they can grow up, learn something on their own. sigh. just thinking.s

enough. lets come back to this entry. i wish both of my moms read this (i know they wont). so do my children (dh kecik lagi, tak reti ape). they are not like me, like us, the mom-bloggers, celik komputer. but i just one to type this. to have a written-record on this. to say that, I LOVE U MOMS, I REALLY REALLY DO. im very lucky to have u both till today. what will happen to me if u r not here anymore?i dont know.i never let this feeling comes in my mind. kalau perasaan tu datang, aaahh..malas nk fikirmacamana agaknya mereka yg tidak ber-ibu (bapa).


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