Thursday, May 13, 2010

next, it's your time ~ teachers

last weekend we celebrated mom special day, followed by jururawat's and now we'll be celebrating teachers day. wahai cikgu, pendidik, pengajar dan yg sewaktu dengannya, "SELAMAT HARI GURU".

during my school time long time ago, my parent didnt bother about what to give to teachers on their very special day. till i was in standard 6, then i thought to give something to 'selected' teachers (hehe). dh semua org bagi hadiah kat cikgu, takkan aku ketua pengawas tk bagi hadiah kot. and you know what, i only gave to cikgu maktab (lelaki you), special thing to special teacher, butang baju melayugelenya sungguh masa tu. cikgu lain tk terfikir pun nk bagi hadiah.heheh. times moved on and this special day passed by just like that during my secondary school either. no gift from me. dahsyat sungguh aku nih.

but now, i realized something, in order to boost children's success in school, we are supposed to appreciate our children's teachers. we can give small mug, pen or even just send them wishing card. im doing this for azami's good. i bought something and let him wrote his name on his own (he is 6 and already know how to write his name, alhamdulillah) and told him to give to teachers next week. he said, " ok "(smile). perhaps this time he just suka2 nk bagi hadiah kat cikgu. one day, he'll understand that it is a kind of appreciation, to appreciate what they have done all this while which actually have no value at all. THANK YOU TEACHER.

p/s: happy teachers day to my abe, nini, in-laws and all of you moms. we are also teachers at home.yeahhh.

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