Monday, July 12, 2010

azami @ sport day

Sport day come again. this time, at his new school of joy, preschool. azami and his pre-school friends took part in ‘perbarisan’ and games. Happy to see him taking part in this event while others did not. the temasya began with 'perbarisan masuk kontinjen2 yg mewakili setiap kelas'. i smile alone looking at him in the perbarisan. hihihi. so cute. then we had ucapan2, games for pupils and parents as well. hey, i also took part in 2 'only-mother' games after waiting for such a long time. sampaikan my abe dh boring, panas pulak tu. kids also looked very tired and sleepy. but, i wanted to play. i want. i want. no matter what. at last, i got first place in 1 of the the long-waiting.

p/s: next time, ami main lagi ye..good boy

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