Sunday, July 25, 2010

team building with PYRACOSMIC

3-day team building course. fun, serious, knowledgeable, full of passion. fuhh.i like.

this time, the consultant was Pyracosmic. Prof Dr. Ahmad Lothfi Ibrahim, the founder of pyracosmic, was the 'penceramah' for this course. he, to be called cikgu, has a good skills in conducting such kind of programme. sometimes serious, but 'lawak' all the times. tak kering gusi dibuatnya. muka dia pun lawak. sori ye cikgu. but, really, it's true.

this couse just for us, faculty of accountancy. among the activities, we had group performances (i menari lagi you, "kenanganku..bersamamu..lalalalla.."by jefrydin), riadah pernafasan and all that, with the main motive to strengthen ourselves and rebuild teamwork. i was in group, vroom vroom, together with amir, zool, masetah, hanum, ijan and k.naimah. all of us had our own gelaran, the name that can motivate us. DIVA, that was my gelaran. know DIVA. hihi.

this was the first team building that i've joined. i learned many things here. hope that we all can work together as a team and this relationship will go forever and ever.

posing jgn tak posing

p/s: congratulation to all and i've never expected, that were you.

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