Thursday, September 30, 2010

eidulfitri 2010

Salam Eidul Fitri to all muslims in the world.

Aidilfitri came again. and this year, back to 'his' turn, as usual. as on last eid, we had nasi dagang, nasi himpit, cookies and cakes, no other new things except that we had new family member, new in-law, Rosma Suriani, to cheer up the blessed day (read posting).

as in my house, we had a must-have meals for eidulfitri; nasi himpit kuah kacang, sate, ketupat daun palas and tapai daun getah. diknor and i celebrated raya morning at in-laws house while kak yah, buzy with her in-laws, celebrated the eid here as well as 'congek ekor' with the preparation for her youngest in-law's engagement on 3rd raya.

p/s: kami juga pergi ziarah kubur abah, tok we n mok. may Allah bless you; tok, tok we, abah, mok and all muslimin muslimat who had passed away. al-fatihah

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