Wednesday, September 29, 2010

lost world of tambun, here we come

Lost World of Tambun, located in Sunway City Ipoh in Tambun, is a water theme park available in Perak. click here for more info.

first time we went there, somewhere in 2008, to join family day DIA. we didnt bring spare clothes as we didnt plan to play in water. azami also afraid with water at that time, only 4 years old. so, we just main kat gigi2 air je. ilham? he wanted to go in the water but i just let him played aside. rugi tak bawak baju spare.

this time, we came again here together with my in-law. learned from experience, we brought spare clothes and pelampung as well. azami, quite surprise this time as he was so excited to get in the water, alone. tried this, tried that. naik kapal. main gelongsor. main tembak2. last2, luka lutut, jatuh.hihih. no mood to play anymore. ilham pulak yg takut nk main air. he just 'observed'. maybe he needed time to get used to it. next time perhaps, ilham?

pudak kecik tokse main air.
abah terpaksa tunggu dia.hihi

pudak besar excited

p/s: big bro asked me to come here again.

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