Sunday, August 8, 2010

pusat latihan kg gajah & taman herba papan

i just came back from 'site survey' to pusat latihan kg gajah and taman herba papan. not for 'suka2', but to find what better place for our next PKA 18 this semester.

pusat latihan kg gajah
it's much better than my expectation. i imagined the place is something like so 'dark & horror' with the big trees surrounding, like kawasan hutan. many said the place especially the 'banglo2' look very haunted and yes they did as said by the staff there, but now, no more after many times of yasin and such. once we arrived, ke?takdelah nmpak menyeramkan sangat. maybe we went there during day time. no big trees kiri kanan, yet terang benderang, luas, not so crowded with bangunan2, trees, malah bersih lagi. wonder how it will at night. among facilities available here:
- apartment (sharing room)
- banglo (max 16 persons per banglo)
- surau (100 ++)
- dewan makan
- dewan seminar

the 'banglo's look very comfortable. macam rumah besar, ada ruang tamu, dapur, complete with fridge and tv. macam best plak dok rumah tu. hati dh terpikat nih. this place is not only for courses or training, you also can book for any purpose; like wedding event, bukan utk buat majlis kawin kat sini tapi untuk sedara mara atau pihak pengantin yg dtg dr jauh nak bermalam.

ok. that's it. confirm this place for our next PKA. insyaAllah, nothing bad will happen.

taman herba papan
so called taman herba as for it's full with pokok2 herba. there's 1 section called 'taman herba aromatik', near the entrance. when we passed by the place, wangi je baunya. sesuai utk mandi ibu2 dlm pantang. you can use surau, dewan seminar terbuka, dewan makan terbuka, dorm dan tempat berkhemah. actually dorm is also terbuka.hihihi. haa, this place is very suitable for camping, but you have to bring things own your own. khemah sendiri, masak sendiri. the funny thing is dorm terbuka. memang terbuka betul. no door, even no curtain at all. remember, bring things on your own. this dorm is usually for committees. tent for the participants. but i think, better sleep in tent. tertutup sikit. this place is very nice, still maintain the originality of hutan with anak sungai. nk masuk sini pun 5 km dari jalan besar pusing. there's also one place (called dewan herba) to place all types of herba & akar2 kayu kering and barang2 kraf, like museum herba.

dorm terbuka

interested? get information from pejabat hutan batu gajah or google here.

p/s: thanks to nabilah, for the transport, and masetah for a company.

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